Content Marketing in 2018

Content Marketing in 2018

Is this the Golden Age of Content Development?

Well, let say that depends on who you ask but one thing that I can say for sure, is that the year 2018 is going to be exciting, fast-paced a high demand for content marketers who are ready to go all-in.

Video though continues to overtake other types of content. Businesses are placing more and more emphasis on an original content. Committing to content marketing is increasing in the marketing departments of all shapes and sizes.

All of that is great, but what does it mean for you and your brand? Let’s breakdown few of the most important trends right here, for you.

Just blogging won’t be enough anymore.

Until recently, having an active, engaging blog was just about enough to earn you plenty of attention, both from Google’s algorithm and from your everyday readers.

But don’t get worried, this doesn’t mean that you are going to have to bring out tons of new ideas and writing styles of other types of content.

Content marketing has been slowly changing and climbing for years now. When it was new, everyone focused on getting as much content out there as possible, regardless of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, keyword stuffing, and other major ‘not so right ways’.

As the industry started to grow the focus started to shift from quantity to quality. Instead of measuring shares and reach we’re now measuring “how engaging the content is?”

This coming 2018 brings with a still to go on dedication and focus on quality, but in a number of different other formats.

Take video, for example, this is becoming increasingly important to content marketing and it’s not going away.  Actual short films brought out by a wide variety of business marketing departments, instead of the big players and in-house content studios.

Podcasts, apps, and commercials would require brands identify and embrace their strengths, then apply them to a wide selection of content formats in content marketing this 2018.

At the same time, you don’t want the quality of your work to suffer because you’re branching out into something absolutely new. Taking some time off on a blog or podcast series won’t damage anything while you work on something new. Just be sure to take all the help you can.

Ways to consume content away from our screens?

To actually stay competitive, your brand must consider how making use of these new capabilities, even if you’re not ready to launch an AI app just yet. Since these technologies will become more widespread and easier to access, planning for how to integrate them into your content marketing which is key.

Content marketing is not really advertising

Most of us miss the point of content marketing. While it is true that campaigns are a part of any strong content marketing strategy, your content marketing must be much greater than the sum of its advertising campaigns that run one after the other.

This may be slightly different but basically still amounts to, a string of advertising campaigns.

Most of your content marketing has to be preferably unique, relevant, and compelling. If not done the all the amount of money would also not do any good for you!


Content Marketing in 2018 is going to be more comprehensive, creative, obviously more challenging. So don’t stop doing your homework for 2018.

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